UX meets Facilitation

Experience the power of inclusive facilitation and remote collaboration for you and your teams with a hands-on learning experience.

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Are you as inclusive and effective a leader as you could be?

  • Are you designing and leading inclusive collaboration processes?

  • Are you having too many back-to-back meetings that could have been emails?

  • Are you providing an accessible experience for your collaborators with disabilities?

As a group leader, you will need a series of tools, techniques and resources to create meaningful, inclusive and productive work experiences that support others in reaching their goals.

An inclusive experience

You know that your teams and their results are stronger when they are diverse. That is why you want to offer an accessible collaboration experience where everyone can belong.

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Remote facilitation: a team leader's superpower

As a leader, hybrid and remote work has created a new challenge β€” and opportunity β€” for you to rethink how you organise and support collaboration in your teams.

The perfect match: UX applied to facilitation

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Blend the principles of User Experience (UX) design with the methods and magic of virtual facilitation.

Transform the participant experience in your internal and external meetings and workshops with an exceptional hands-on learning experience over a month

Our training principles

πŸ₯° Enjoyable

We learn best when we have fun, and get to connect with our fellow human beings. Discover exercises collected from all over the world to delight your attendees.

🧩 Easy and usable

Virtual facilitation does not have to be complex. Learn how to scale up or down the tech used in your sessions to match the objectives, and the comfort level of your participants.

βš–οΈ Equitable

Your participants come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Create a sense of belonging, with accessible and inclusive spaces and methods.

πŸ’‘ Useful and impactful

Learn the basic β€” and advanced β€” principles of remote facilitation, to lead purposeful and meaningful conversations, inside and outside your organisation.

What we will cover

πŸ‘‹ Understanding the role of a facilitator

🎨 Identifying your objectives and session flow

πŸ“ Preparing your session plans

πŸ“§ Communicating about your remote workshop or meeting

πŸ–₯ Running engaging online sessions like the pros

πŸ™Œ Closing your sessions on a high note

🚦 The participants' experience and journey

πŸ€— Creating psychological safety

🧰 The toolbox of the virtual facilitator

πŸ’» Remote work and leadership best practices

♿️ Accessibility & universal design applied to facilitation

✨ Further DEIB resources for inclusive facilitation

What you will practice

πŸ‘† All of the above, plus:

πŸ‘‹ Activities for when you need to (re-)connect

πŸ’‘ Activities for when you need to think and create together

🎯 Activities for when you need to decide together

πŸ’¬ Activities for when you need to debrief an experience together

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Training programme

Our roadmap

Learning style

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Learning is better together

🧩 You and your training peers will experience a learning journey designed with the same principles that shape the programme.

πŸ’‘ You will benefit from each other's insights and knowledge along the way.

πŸ§ͺ By the end of the programme, you will have the opportunity to put your facilitation skills to the test, and receive feedback from this supportive peer group.

A blend of online sessions and offline learning

Online sessions

πŸ“† 6 x 1,5 hour interactive training sessions

πŸ’» Experience activities and discuss the methods that will make you a virtual facilitation pro.

πŸ§ͺ Put your facilitation skills to the test in a final project.

Offline work

You will be invited to prepare each session, and:

πŸŽ₯ Watch videos

πŸ“š Review resources

✍️ Share your insights with fellow learners in the community

Bonus UX Facilitation resources

All participants receive

  • AccessΒ to live sessions and training materials

  • Access to the UX Facilitation community

  • Session recordings and recaps

  • The UXF Toolbox 🧰

The UXF Toolbox 🧰 includes:

  • Facilitation methods database

  • How-to videos for all your favourite virtual facilitation tools

  • Curated open source DEIB resources

What clients and trainees are saying

A strong background in facilitation

Review by Dr Anjhula Bais
Nicoletta Kolovou review
Vito D'amico Review

An outstanding training experience

Review by Sarah Verplancken
Review by Alessandro Da Rold

Training programmes for teams and solo learners

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Team training

Online UX Facilitation training

€ 6000*

  • Up to 12 participants from one organisation

  • 6 live sessions

  • Custom training schedule

  • Access to the UX Facilitation resources

  • Access to the UXF Toolbox 🧰

  • In-depth review and feedback on each final project

* Per group 🚨 2023 introductory price
Excluding VAT and taxes when they apply
Invoicing in USD, CAD or GBP equivalent available

Cohort training for individual learners

Online UX Facilitation training

€ 800*

  • Up to 12 participants per group / cohort

  • 6 live sessions

  • Cohorts runs 2-3 times a year

  • Access to the UX Facilitation resources

  • Access to the UXF Toolbox 🧰

  • In-depth review and feedback on your final project

* Per person 🚨 2023 introductory price. Excluding VAT and taxes when they apply
Invoicing in USD, CAD or GBP equivalent available

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UX Facilitation training - Individual participant

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